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Japanese Stylish Antibacterial Pen KASARO Knocking Ballpoint Pen

Japanese Stylish Antibacterial Pen KASARO Knocking Ballpoint Pen

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Semi-permanent antibacterial effect by copper ion!
Stainless steel containing copper has been specially treated to give it high antibacterial properties.

The material itself is antibacterial stainless steel, so there is no peeling or abrasion compared to coated products.

Stainless steel material with excellent resistance against corrosion and discoloration.

Antibacterial test was
(This test is in accordance with ISO standards.)
* Antimicrobial stainless steel has been tested for antimicrobial properties in Japan and has not been certified for antimicrobial properties outside of Japan.
After 24 hours, the
bacteria attached to this
material were reduced to
the limit of measurement.
( Less than 50 pieces cannot be measured )

■ Method: Rotating
■ Refill: JIS D format (ink color: black/red) made in Japan
■ Length: about 12.3cm
■ Weight: about 24g


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